Rare U.S. Exercise Patent Granted For Lagree Fitness Method®

30 Jun Rare U.S. Exercise Patent Granted For Lagree Fitness Method®

This week, the Lagree Fitness Method® has been granted a U.S. Patent for its High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercise method, performed on Sebastien Lagree‘s newest invention, multi-axis exercise machine, the Supra™.  The Lagree Fitness Method®, used in more than 300 studios worldwide, is now one of the few fitness methods to obtain a U.S. patent.

A historically difficult industry for acquiring patents, there are 100 individual patent claims attached to the Lagree Fitness Method® patent alone. “In the fitness industry, it is challenging to get a ‘method patent’ because you have to prove that you have created a truly new and innovative way to move or perform an exercise,” says Sebastien, “Let’s face it, most workout types available are using the same exercises; what is really the difference between a Bootcamp and a CrossFit? Both use weights and the same exercises and equipment. Same for all of the trendy cycling studios popping up. It’s a bike and maybe some arm weights.”

U.S. Patent No. 9,370,679 is the first “method patent” for Lagree Fitness® and comes on the heels of four patents issued in 2015 for Lagree’s Megaformer® machine. In 2015, the Megaformer® was the only fitness device patented to provide a full-body workout among approximately four dozen total exercise equipment and method patents granted that year.

“The main purpose of this patent is to show consumers that Lagree Fitness Method® is unique with unparalleled benefits. There are so many workouts out there which are all claiming to deliver the same benefits — but are not,” says Sebastien. “Hopefully, this patent will help to educate and lead consumers closer to their fitness goals.”

InstaPhysique is the exclusive licensee of Lagree Fitness in Sacramento, thus the only studio in Sacramento County in which one can experience this revolutionary fitness method.

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