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How InstaPhysique Will Help Improve Your Golf Game

08 Nov How InstaPhysique Will Help Improve Your Golf Game

The weakest part of most golfers’ bodies is the part they need most: the core. Without strong, pliable muscles in your stomach, hips, glutes and lower back, you can’t make a golf swing that is both powerful and technically sound.

Enter Lagree Fitness and the patented Megaformer. Your core will be challenged and for 40 minutes straight, with zero periods of rest. Our workout is entirely spring resistance based. The glutes and hamstrings, which are key to maintaining a stable base when you swing (especially at faster speeds) are always a major focus of each class.

What will stand out to you at first is how intense the workout is, while also being safe and low-impact…two things that are nearly impossible to find in the same workout. It’s the best of both worlds, and it never gets easier, you just get stronger. The Lagree Method classes offered at InstaPhysique appeal to men and women of all ages and fitness levels. We train at a slow tempo for the body to reprogram neuromuscular patterns, so when you go out and do anything else that you do, the body remembers how to do it more efficiently.

Clients who are avid golfers consistently tell us that working out on the Megaformer has made their entire body so much stronger which, of course, helps their golf games. Every class at InstaPhysique is a full-body workout, but it’s always with different exercises and in a different sequence so you, and your muscles, never get bored. The core and oblique work on the Megaformer is incredible, as is the lower body work. Clients tell us they are consistently able to hit golf balls deeper in the course that they could prior to working out with us. You will notice your form will improve because of the strength and endurance you will gain from your Megaformer workouts. You will feel more balanced, and our golfer clients tell us there is a noticeable improvement in posture and a strengthening of their joints. With the method being low-impact, the muscles are being worked at an intense level while putting very little impact, if any, on the joints. All exercises are performed at a slow pace, targeting the slow twitch muscle fibers. It is likely the deepest muscle workout you will ever experience, and you will come to love and embrace the muscle fatigue and shake you feel in every class.

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