Amy was introduced to Lagree Fitness in 2006 in Los Angeles, and has been addicted ever since. She fell in love with the constantly evolving workout and experienced amazing results in a short time. After two decades in LA, she moved back to her native Sacramento in 2015, and quickly realized the city was in need of a workout that provided the efficiency and results of the Megaformer. Blending her passions for business and fitness, her dream to bring the first Megaformer studio to Sacramento was realized. Her goal is for every client to walk out of the studio feeling empowered, energized, strong, and excited to get back on the Megaformer!

Favorite Megaformer move? Super Lunge. The perfect full-body burn!



Anna is a full-time freelance writer, mother to two boys, nature lover, and sweat addict. With a B.S. in kinesiology and an ambassadorship with ClassPass, she’s always looking for a fun new way to feel as strong as possible.
Favorite Megaformer move?  Mega Donkey Kicks

Busy Planking, Photo Coming Soon!



Bethany is a Norcal native recently returned from Kansas. A cat mom of two, when she’s not on the floor at Lululemon you can find this yogi on a mat, at the barre, spinning on a bike or shaking it on a Megaformer. Get ready to sweat it out with this rave babe and have some fun!

Favorite Megaformer move? Spider Kicks



After 10 years between the East Coast and Southern California, Caroline returned to her hometown of Sacramento.  In addition to a Lagree lover, Caroline is a yogi, bootcamper, barre babe, indoor cyclist, and recently became a marathoner.  Her classes are focused on making sure you leave stronger (and sweatier) than when you walked in the door.  When she isn’t firing up your core, you can find her traveling to new cities enjoying museums, local cuisine, and a strong craft cocktail.

Favorite Megaformer move? Reverse Catfish



Originally from the Bay Area, Daniel has found his home in Sacramento since attending school at Jesuit and Sac State. He loves all things fitness and living a healthy, active lifestyle! His passion for nutrition has lead him to find an appreciation for the farm to fork movement in Sacramento. His classes are heavy, intense and will test your limits. He loves motivating others and wants everyone to leave his class feeling accomplished.

Favorite Megaformer move? Mega Plank to Pike!



Christine is a Sacramento native and super fan. When she isn’t at busy at her day job as a Public Affairs pro, you’ll usually find her boating in the Delta, enjoying a Midtown restaurant patio or wine tasting the day away at a local winery. After hip and back problems sidelined her from high-impact exercise, she fell in love with Lagree, where she focuses on strengthening and lengthening active bodies.

Favorite Megaformer move? Express Lunge



A Sacramento native, dog mom and technology enthusiast, Elizabeth has recently transformed her body through a new found love for fitness and nutrition. When she is not on the Megaformer, she can be found with a barbell working on power and Olympic lifts.  When it comes to health and fitness, Elizabeth loves helping others find their potential and motivation.
Favorite Megaformer move? Mega Donkey Kicks



Erica is dedicated to fitness both inside and outside of the studio.  On any given day you will find her blogging about her latest workout on KIRfitness.com, Girlsonthegrid.com, or planning her next local FitCrawl event. You will leave her class feeling accomplished, and with a smile on your face!
Favorite Megaformer move? Reverse Kneeling Crunch. Gotta adore that core!



A school psychologist by day and a fitness enthusiast by night, Francesca has followed her fitness passion as a yoga, spin and Lagree instructor.  She loves being active, and believes that exercise is the key to keeping both a healthy body and mind. Expect to break a sweat as she challenges you to push your limits!

Favorite Megaformer move: French Twist. Love those oblique exercises!



Hannah, a young and passionate trainer, found her love for movement from competitive surfing and coaching in South Africa. It was in Austin, TX that she connected to the Lagree method, training with fitness expert Ky Evans. She spends her time making music, leading an artist alias as Saint Sinner, and loves to blend rhythm to movement during class.

Favorite Megaformer move? Teaser Pike



With strength and intention, Heather leads a powerful class focused on form, breath and commitment. Native to Northern California, she will most definitely be bumping some bay area hip hop in the studio. Alongside her years of experience in Lagree, trained by elite trainer Ky Evans, Heather teaches yoga, aerial yoga and finds romance with the culinary arts and fashion design. When she’s not keeping it low and slow in the studio, she’s enjoying new food, cultures and live music.
Favorite Megaformer move? Giant Spoon & 5th Lunge. How can you pick just one?!



From swimming to water polo to Lagree fitness, Lauren brings years of experience motivating clients and athletes to take their fitness to the next level.  While she is dedicated to clients having perfect form, her zeal for intensity and heart-pumping cardio will leave you shaking and sweaty after class. As Lauren practices real estate and business law in the Sacramento area, she understands that InstaPhysique’s clients are looking to get the most effective workout in 40 minutes, as time is incredibly precious. Expect her classes to be upbeat, challenging and transformative.

Favorite Megaformer move? Reverse Catfish



A Sacramento native, Megan is passionate about her hometown. She loves local coffee shops, the bike trail, craft beer, farm-to-fork anything, and her newest addiction, Lagree. Don’t be fooled by her smile! Specifically programmed to increase strength, flexibility and endurance,  Megan’s classes are guaranteed to make you sweat, shake and burn, offering a full-body challenge in only 40 minutes. When Megan isn’t lighting up your core in class, she’s keeping your lights on (literally!) as an electric grid operator.
Favorite Megaformer move? Express Lunge without the red cables!

Busy Lunging - photo coming soon!



A fitness fanatic and native of Idaho, Molly attended college at Arizona State University. It was there she began her journey as a fitness instructor teaching barre, and also when she discovered Lagree! After moving to Sacramento, Molly became InstaPhysique obsessed, and even got her mom in to it (she now owns a studio in Boise)!  With her infectious energy and a SLAY mentality on the Megaformer, her class will keep you sweating and smiling.
Favorite Megaformer move? Super Lunge 



Growing up close to Sacramento, Rachel is a nature lover and is always up for an adventure. She loves both the mental and physical strength that comes with each Lagree class, and aims to teach effective, challenging classes that will push clients to step out of their comfort zone.

Favorite Megaformer move? Mega Catfish



Victoria is a Sacramento newbie with a love for fitness, food and lululemon (in no particular order). With a full time job working in Public Relations, Victoria looks forward to teaching her classes at InstaPhysique, helping clients relieve stress and achieve their fitness goals 40 minutes at a time.

Favorite Megaformer move? Express Lunge without the red cables!