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25 Jun ALL SHOOK UP! Ever Wonder, Why Am I Shaking?

Ever wonder why your muscles shake during your INSTAPHYSIQUE class?  Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned INSTAPHYSIQUE student, it’s inevitable that you’ll experience the shake. And you should welcome it with open arms. So, what does the shake mean, and why is this awkward trembling feeling something that you actually...

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08 Feb MEN: The Megaformer is for you.

PILATES FOR DUDES? NOPE, IT'S LAGREE FITNESS – We dare you to try it. Men. Dudes. Brahs. Guys. Whatever category you fall into, you’ve probably seen or heard the word Pilates and thought “No way man, that’s for chicks.” See that guy up there in the picture? Still think it’s for ladies?  Lagree Fitness...

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03 Oct How To Do The Perfect Mega Donkey Kicks

[embed][/embed] The Mega Donkey Kicks (a favorite of ours!) targets the glutes, hamstrings and abs, as well as the shoulders, triceps and lats in one efficient and effective exercise. In this video, we’re focusing on perfecting your form in the exercise, primarily on trunk stabilization. Step 1. Keep the hips and shoulders square....

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12 Sep Slow and Steady Wins The Race

In order for a training method to be effective, it is important to train at an effective intensity. The body needs to reach a certain threshold of exercise intensity to stimulate the body’s adaptive changes. Reaching the intensity threshold depends on many factors such as body type and fitness level,...

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