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We train your body the way it moves in everyday life. Rather than being reactive to injury, we’re being proactive. Ours is a fitness method that will set you up for success for the long haul, building a strong functionally fit body, less prone to injuries, and one that looks pretty darn amazing too.

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High Intensity, Low Impact, Functional Resistance Training. Get results like you've never seen before!


High Intensity, Low Impact, Athletic Rebound Training. Hands-down, the best workout for your immune system. On-Demand Digital Classes


We believe fitness should promote health & longevity. Our results-driven training and brand new customized recovery services will help you move better, feel better, and live better. Visit our Sacramento location for INSTARoll Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Infrared Sauna services

Recovery services exclusively available in the Sacramento location.


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Functional fitness training, designed to get you in the best shape of your life and keep you there over the long haul. WORKOUT SMARTER, NOT LONGER!




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(Recovery services introductory offers are also available.)

​I've heard about the Lymphatic system, but don't understand why it's important... 💭
A:​ 📣
​​Your lymphatic system is a crucial part of your immune system that carries waste throughout the body to be eliminated. But unlike our blood which has a lovely heart to pump the fluids everywhere, the lymph system does not have a pump! Bacteria, toxins and cancer cells collect in lymph fluid before being flushed from your body. When the body is not getting a lot of movement or is stagnant, our lymphatic system can get sluggish. This means a slower metabolism, low energy, poor digestion, bloating, among other things.
The INSTARoller provides an elevated infrared lymphatic drainage massage, cleansing the body by effectively eliminating toxins, which promotes a healthier immune system. Rolling helps to reduce fat tissue and the appearance of cellulite, significantly stimulates blood circulation, provides relief from muscle tightness and speeds up recovery, increases metabolism while improving the elasticity of your skin. It trains, tones, and shapes the body without the need for vigorous exercise!
Meet Dr. Sheava, pamperyourbrain - she recently started her InstaPhysique journey, and shared her experience and some valuable advice for mindset in class 🧠
🚫Don’t be intimidated 
🚫Don’t be afraid 
🚫Don’t have a fixed mindset and tell yourself ‘I can’t do this, it’s too hard’ 

Instead, say: 
✅This is my moment to learn something new 
✅I’m going to do the best I can 
✅I’m going to focus on progress and not perfection 
✅Allow yourself to lean on your coaches 

What mindset do you bring to class? 💭💭
​💭'I'm not flexible, can I really try InstaPhysique?'💭 
​The answer is YES! 2 main reasons: 
​1️⃣ Range of motion. 
Are tight hips or hamstrings limiting how far you lunge down? By working within your appropriate range of motion, you're making meaningful change in your body. Over time, you'll find by strengthening your muscles around locked up joints, you'll ease tension and start feeling looser and able to able to increase your range of motion in each exercise! 
2️⃣ ​Variable Spring Resistance. 
The variable spring tension we work with on the Megaformer promotes supported strengthening and pulling on your muscles. This will help your muscles begin to elongate and loosen, not only providing a long, lean look but also increasing your overall mobility and flexibility. 
​Need an extra flexibility boost? Try out our INSTAX (Stretch) classes!
​Sac: Sundays at 4:30pm
​Ros: Wednesdays at 6:30pm
Strength in this community 💪🏽💪🏽. We love our Roseville Squad!
Celebrating a big achievement - Stephanie took her 700th class tonight!  Strength is the name of the game, and you keep on inspiring us, InstaSquad! 💪🏽
Appreciate how far you’ve come and where you are going. Those small good choices add up to change. 💫What have you done to grow this week?
One of the easiest ways to get a variety of nutrients, greens and fruits in your diet is to incorporate organic cold-pressed juice into your daily routine.  We’re making it easy for you by partnering with vibehealthbar to offer their delicious Liquidology 100% organic cold-pressed juices in-studio. 🎉

Now you can reboot and recharge post-class by sipping on 4lbs of organic produce and enjoy the rainbow! 🌈
It's fun and convenient, but did you know just how effective rebounding is?  You will be blown away by the myriad of health benefits you receive by doing this fun workout in as little as 10 minutes per day! Fun fact: studies have shown it to reverse the aging process! There's a reason why rebounding has been deemed "the closest thing to the fountain of youth that science has found.” 
​Try it On-Demand at getinstabounce, or at the studio in our Mega+Bounce classes!
Celebrating g_simpkins huge accomplishment - 400 classes down! Lindsay has been a long time Roseville client, and continues to push her limits every class. 
​"This institution has saved me mentally and physically! I do not know where I would be without InstaPhysique and all the wonderful coaches and other members I call friends ♥️ Here's to getting through as a team and making your life all around better!!"
You can look and feel amazing without breaking down your body. Here at Insta, you can find the type of movement your body needs on any given day. Intense, body-shaking muscular endurance workouts … or stretch and recovery. What's your favorite? 💭💭
🎉 If you've been blessed to spend time with Brian and his bright spirit, you know why we hold him so near to our hearts at Insta. He encompasses love, compassion, grit, and strength. Today, we wish him a Happy Birthday as he begins another trip around the sun. 💌 Drop lbrian87 a love note for his birthday below 👇🏽
What’s your post-Insta vibe?

A) WTF just happened??!
B) ahhh yeah, I’m feeling amazing!
C) hmmm, maybe I should have added that 2nd yellow spring off the back 
D) my butt won’t stop shaking 
E) all of the above
Let us know!
Strong oblique muscles translate to a better body in a number of ways. They support the spinal column and improve performance in physical activities involving quick movements, bending and twisting. Of course, they look great, too. The highly sought-after V-shape is often a byproduct of a healthy diet and toned obliques. We're here to help you reach for those goals, whatever they may be!
Welcome Coach Sarah lil.steps.in.life! Sarah is a full-time Lead Pharmacist, but her heart finds fulfillment in moving with others. As Sarah says, “I got issues in my tissues so I got to move”. 
​​When we asked Sarah why she loves Insta and the Mega, she shared, "I absolutely adore how Insta never gets easier, but we as a community get better. It is wonderful to shake & grit my teeth on the Mega alongside such a kind and welcoming community. I have 11 lines on my abs because of this practice and could not be more excited about how my strength & endurance have grown. We are stronger together as an InstaSQUAD, for sure!"
​We are so excited to welcome such a vital member of our community as a Coach - you'll see her on the Rosevile schedule beginning tomorrow (Monday) at 6pm, and every other Sunday. Schedule is open, book now to catch her class! 🔥

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Are you looking for a personalized fitness experience that comes with community, accountability, and success? Then INSTA is for YOU!  Chat with us and we can help get you started. 💙💙

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