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How To Do The Perfect Mega Donkey Kicks

03 Oct How To Do The Perfect Mega Donkey Kicks

The Mega Donkey Kicks (a favorite of ours!) targets the glutes, hamstrings and abs, as well as the shoulders, triceps and lats in one efficient and effective exercise.

In this video, we’re focusing on perfecting your form in the exercise, primarily on trunk stabilization.

Step 1. Keep the hips and shoulders square. Be sure to not lean on the primary elbow. This is not a good modification because it rotates the spine and puts unnecessary stress on the lower back.
Step 2. Keep the torso aligned with the carriage. Do not lean on the hip connected to the carriage. This puts stress on hip joint. The spine should be parallel to the carriage.
Step 3. As you move the carriage out, do not shift your torso in relation to carriage. Move at same speed, together as a unit.
Step 4. Keep you hands under your shoulders with your arms straight, but do not lock your elbows.

When you focus on keeping your trunk stable and parallel to the carriage, you engage the triceps, shoulders, lats, and thighs. Don’t forget to keep your abs engaged to support the lower back.

Remember to move slowly as you bend your knee, keeping constant tension on the primary leg. Resist the carriage all the way in, and do not let the carriage touch the platform!