Let's Talk Fat Loss, Physique Results, And What Works. | InstaPhysique

Let’s Talk Fat Loss, Physique Results, And What Works.

Let’s Talk Fat Loss, Physique Results, And What Works.

Over the last few years in the fitness industry the “secret” of physique change is becoming more well known. That secret is this: strength training is FAR superior to cardio for leaning out, getting toned, and obtaining the physique we want. Strength training allows us to build muscle which:

➡allows us to better utilize food as fuel and stay leaner, more easily.

➡creates a more athletic body that can then push harder and stay leaner and healthier as a result.

Strengthening the body is the most effective thing you can do for physique change + injury prevention. If you try and do a lot of cardio at the same time you are training strength (within the same session), you lessen the benefits of the strength training. This is called “interference”. This is how people end up “skinny fat”. Yep, you may have burned a lot of calories-but you left yourself weak, more injury prone, and without shape to your physique. This is why we prioritize strength and endurance in our classes.

You will get your cardio at InstaPhysique. It is not necessary to engage in additional aerobic activities between workouts, unless this is something you like to do. No longer do you have to force yourself to do the extra mile; we’ll push you during your workout!  Enjoy your aerobic activities, and understand that they are now for recreation, not exercise. You will get cardiovascular and metabolic stimulation during your InstaPhysique training sessions.
What about burning calories? You can become a 24 hour-a-day fat-burning machine simply by adding some lean muscle! One of the great benefits of strength training is the calories burned as a result of the workout, not the calories burned during the workout. By effectively stimulating your muscles, you will add toned and defined muscle to your body, which causes the body to need more calories at rest.  A more “muscular” body burns more fat at rest.
InstaPhysique is a total-mind/body workout that strengthens the body and promotes fat loss without bulking up the muscles and forces a neuromuscular adaptive response.  Our workout is designed to fulfill all of your fitness needs. Every workout is a blend of strength, endurance, cardio, balance and flexibility training and challenges your entire body. In addition to making sure you get all the fitness elements you need, we also make sure we train your body in a complete and functional way. Lagree restores the body’s natural alignment and balance. The method is both intense and therapeutic: two benefits rarely seen in the same workout. Your body is made to move in many ways, not just sitting on a spin bike or running on a treadmill!  We move and challenge your body in all the ways it is capable of.
To recap: strength and endurance training makes you stronger and more useful, and also delivers the aesthetic results you are looking for. Lagree Fitness makes it so that you don’t have to go to a studio for cardio, a different studio for flexibility, and yet another for strength training. We do it all.
Wouldn’t you rather get all those benefits, without risk of injury, in only two 40-minute sessions every week?  Meet us on the Megaformer!
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