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Pain at the Gym, Megaformer to the Rescue

26 Apr Pain at the Gym, Megaformer to the Rescue

About a year ago I noticed this soft but strange clicking every time I squat or lunged.  It wasn’t painful, but the sound was driving me crazy, so I mentioned it at my next doctor’s appointment.  The doc told me not to worry, and of course, a million questions popped into my head.

As we age so do our joints.  Injuries, arthritis, regular wear, and tear can all add up to stiff and achy knees, backs and more.  How will that affect your exercise routine? Are there specific activities you will have to give up? Are some exercises better than others for joint health?

Our Ancestors Called it Magic, but you Call it Science

A clinical study was conducted to find out if just one workout session of resistance exercise would alleviate the pain of those suffering from arthritis in their knees.  They concluded that these exercises did relieve some pain.

Dr. Allan Abbott, Professor of Clinical Family Medicine at Keck School of Medicine of USC states, “People with osteoarthritis can and should exercise. Aerobic exercise strengthens the heart and lungs.  It can also improve stamina, helps control weight and can improve sleep. Strength-producing exercises improve muscle strength and help protect arthritic joints. Flexibility and gentle range of motion exercises are necessary to maintain the full use of joints, especially arthritic joints.   Exercise is the most effective non-drug treatment for osteoarthritis.”

That’s great news, but if you suffer from joint pain, the trick is picking the right exercise.  Vigorous, repetitive and high impact activities such as running or pitching a baseball can exacerbate joint pain.  Listen to your body. If your knee (or elbow or ankle) is screaming at you, it’s time to stop what you are doing or change the exercise.

Is Lagree the Answer?

Have you tried InstaPhysique?  Their instructors are adjusting your position on the Megaformer because the Lagree Method stresses proper body alignment.   “Our workout restores the body’s natural alignment with no impact on the body’s joints, spine or connective tissues.  This is strength training that minimizes excess stress on the joints” states InstaPhysique owner Amy Brown.

In fact, happy Lagree devotees have reported a reduction in pain and improved flexibility in stiff joints.  It makes sense because proper motion in an achy knee, for example, stimulates the production of synovial fluid.  In other words, it’s like greasing up a squeaky wheel.

The 40-minute SWEAT, SHAKE, BURN session is nothing to fear.  It might be just what the doctor ordered with it’s purposefully sequenced classes designed to maximize muscle exertion while minimizing joint overuse.  Click here to book a session.

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