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What I Learned from the Lagree Fitness Megaformer Challenge

11 Jun What I Learned from the Lagree Fitness Megaformer Challenge

One client’s 31-day journey….

Fitness challenges are all the rage right now.  The friendly competition and accountability are significant incentives to get yourself to the gym and get the work done.  What would a Lagree Fitness challenge have in store?

The Rules

In May, InstaPhysique members could participate in the 2018 Lagree Fitness Challenge.  Participants had to attend at least two classes per week, take before and after pictures and take body measurements.  There was a division for both men and women. Voters choose winners amongst the top 10 finalists.

As a recent Megaformer devotee, I decided to go for it.  Here’s what I learned:

    • The INSTASQUAD is a strong, supportive and passionate community.
    • In comparing my before and after shots, I could see more muscle tone.  Friends commented on it too. Seeing the results of my hard work is the best motivation.
    • Lagree is tough and getting through a workout is hard.  Positive self-talk is helpful both in the studio and in life.  
    • As a writer, this is going to sound strange. My journaling skills need work.  My goal was to log each day’s wins, misses, and lessons. I only journaled 17 out of the 31 days.
    • I lost an inch from my thighs.  I’m celebrating that win!
    • Fitness is more than just the exercise.  My biggest challenge to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is diet.
    • May was full of many special occasions and social events which led to less than an ideal diet.
    • In tracking my wins throughout the month, logging a workout at Instaphysique was the easiest one.
    • My misses were usually overeating or drinking.
    • Sleep had a significant effect on how I felt.  On the days I dragged myself into the studio on a bad night of sleep I would always walk away feeling more energized.
    • I need to slow down and be mindful.  Especially during meals.
  • In the end, you are your only competition.

The Results

The Megaformer Challenge 2018 had a record turnout of over 1,000 participants globally.  The biggest transformation within the women’s division was a contestant who lost 19 lbs, 2 inches in her arms, 7 inches in her waist and 3 inches in her thighs.  Looking at just the numbers my transformation was not as remarkable, but the journey to get here was! I feel stronger, more confident and I’m more aware of the areas of my life I need to change to take the next step.

The good news is you don’t need the challenge to see the rewards of a Megaformer workout.  Check out InstaPhysique’s schedule now for the next sweat, shake, burn session.

Jen Theuriet is a freelance writer and content marketer at ContentbyJen.

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