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ALL SHOOK UP! Ever Wonder, Why Am I Shaking?

ALL SHOOK UP! Ever Wonder, Why Am I Shaking?

Ever wonder why your muscles shake during your INSTAPHYSIQUE class? 

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned INSTAPHYSIQUE student, it’s inevitable that you’ll experience the shake. And you should welcome it with open arms. So, what does the shake mean, and why is this awkward trembling feeling something that you actually want? Let’s get into it.

The Secret Behind The Shake

Most exercises such as running, spinning, HIIT, etc. allow your muscles to contract and relax during the exercise. Which means that, in these types of workouts, your muscles are given an immediate break and are not worked to their absolute maximum.

We take a completely different approach to working your muscles.  At INSTAPHYSIQUE, your muscles are challenged to stay under tension for extended periods of time before being given the opportunity to break. We will stimulate your muscles to the point where you feel you can’t possibly use them anymore and, at that point of near burnout, you’ll push a little bit more.

How Muscle Fatigue Causes The Shake

Each exercise in your INSTAPHSYIQUE class targets with great intensity multiple muscle groups at the same time. Your goal is to have your muscles working so hard that they shake every time. When you feel that shake, it means that there isn’t enough energy left in your body to keep your nerves on track, so your nerves respond to this lack of energy/signal by shaking.

In order to make changes in your muscles and progress in the lean building of them, you have to push through the trembling. The longer people stay in the stage of effective muscle stimulation, the more micro tears occur in the muscle and the greater the adaptive/anabolic/metabolic response will be.

We will continue to shock and challenge your muscles to recruit new muscle fibers and patterns, thus your muscles will never fully adapt to the massive challenge you’re presenting them with during each exercise, and you will never plateau. Shaking is a sign of strength because it means you are going beyond what feels easy and familiar.

The reason we want clients to embrace the shake and go deeper instead of feeling apprehensive, afraid, or even embarrassed is because the shake is a signal that they are changing their body. 

Try an INSTAPHYSIQUE class 3 times a week for a month; we guarantee you will see your body change!


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