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How to Harness the Magic of Motivation

How to Harness the Magic of Motivation

Last night you laid out your workout clothes and set your alarm for the crack of dawn.  Your alarm startles you awake.  The sun isn’t even up yet, and the comfort of your bed is irresistible.  As you reach for the snooze button, the sudden recollection of a $20 no-show fee propels you out of bed.  

How much is an extra hour of sleep worth to you?  

The no-show fee is a classic example of the carrot and stick motivation.  If you don’t show up for class, there’s a withdrawal from your bank account.  Seems simple enough and drives me to get out of bed.  

The no-show/late cancel fee is genius.  Who would want to pay for a class they don’t attend?  Unfortunately, a slap on the wallet might work the first few times but what do you do when the sting wears off?  

You need to find what motivates you.  

Our Insta squad is a motivated bunch.  What else is getting them on those Megaformers day after day?  Intrinsic motivation is an idea explored by Dan Pink, New York Times bestselling author, in his book Drive might be the key.  “Our innate need to direct our own lives, to learn and create new things, and to do better by ourselves and our world”  is how Pink summarizes this powerful form of motivation.

How can you use intrinsic motivation to get you to your gym?  Try giving your workout more purpose.  Of course, improving your health is a crucial component, but you could also use your sweat session to strengthen your relationship with a workout buddy.

Rino and Michelle Castillo are a husband and wife duo that enjoy their workouts together at InstaPhysique.  They have got this workout buddy gig dialed in.  In fact, Rino Castillo placed in the top 10 males in the Lagree Fitness global challenge.  

What’s their secret?

“We try to do 3 Insta Full-Body Workouts a week and, as much as we can, we add that 4th Megastretch class,” reported Rino.

“Based on my history with gym memberships from the past, I must admit that I was not regularly attending any classes. Fortunately, we found a place where we can get the workout that gives us the results that we want. We feel stronger, and our relationship benefits from this exercise routine” Michelle commented on her success at InstaPhysique. 

Now it’s your turn to find out what motivates you.  Book your class now and dial in that motivation.  We know it’s not always easy to make it to class, but we are here to help you accomplish your fitness goals and to guide, support and motivate you each step of the way.

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