Set Your Intentions for the New School Year

Set Your Intentions for the New School Year

You’ve purchased the supplies, taken the adorable back to school pictures and plowed through that mountain of paperwork.  The kids are back to school!  The house is quiet.  Regardless of whether this fills you with joy or sorrow, don’t miss the opportunity to capitalize on this new beginning.

Now is the time to recommit to your goal of a healthy lifestyle.  Here are a few tips on how to get started:

  • Lay out your workout clothes the night before
    • PS have you seen the fabulous finds at Sacramento’s new activewear boutique Bueno Sport and Swim
  • Find an activity that fits your schedule
    • If you are short on time, find a class that maximizes your sweat session results
  • Plan out those workouts
    • Take advantage of scheduling workouts, plus the no-show fee will make you keep your promise
  • Keep a packed gym bag in your car
    • You never know when a last minute change of plans could free up some workout time
  • Stay flexible
    • You put that time into planning out your sweat sessions, but life happens. If you need to cancel your morning workout to stay home with a sick kid, try hitting an evening workout instead, or practice holding your plank at home
  • Recruit a friend
    • A workout buddy will make you more accountable for reaching your goals
  • Create a vision board with your kids
    • While they set goals for the new school year, you can join in with your fitness goals

Don’t fall back into your old routine.  Take charge of this change of season.  InstaPhysique offers convenient class times to work with your schedule.


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