4 Powerful Lessons Learned on the Megaformer

4 Powerful Lessons Learned on the Megaformer

Aha Moment, the coin termed by Oprah Winfrey, is such a universal experience Webster added it to their dictionary.  You know the feeling when something you already know is explained to you in such a way that all the sudden you get it.  Light bulbs go off.

As you get comfortable on the Megaformer, you will find these moments occurring more and more often.  There’s something about that focused flow state that frees the mind.

Here are a few common discoveries:

The slower you go, the faster you change.  You hear your instructor prompt you over and over to go slow with her count 1…2…3…4. Your body wants to rush through the reps. Suddenly you are forced to move at the recommended pace when the instructor comes over to correct you.  Aha, a slower pace makes you engage more muscle and intensifies the workout. Working SLOW while loading your muscles in an eccentric contraction is key to seeing results.

Low impact makes fitness accessible to everyone.  Running, tennis, weightlifting, the list goes on and on of sports that you need to avoid due to an injury or the high intensity.  If you look around at your next InstaPhysique class, you will notice a refreshing mix of body types, age and fitness ability.  Aha, InstaPhysique emphasizes body alignment while delivering a low impact workout for your joints.

EPOC is a powerful afterburner.  High-Intensity interval training (HIIT) is all the rage because its short but intense workouts keep you burning calories long after you leave the gym.  There’s research to back up these claims.  In an article published by the University of New Mexico researchers stated, “Although there appears to be variation in individual responses, the positive news is that any additional caloric expenditure following exercise can add up over time and may contribute to long-term weight management.”  Aha, if I up the intensity I can spend less time at the gym and still see results.

I have to stay in it for my neighbor.  Another mantra shouted at you from the Insta staff when the workout gets TOUGH!  My hamstrings are on fire from this second set of 5th lunge!  Who cares about my neighbor?  Next, your neighbor falls out of position, and you find justification to do the same.  AHA, Lagree is a team sport if I stick with the workout (even when it gets hard) it just might give my teammate the motivation to do the same.

I hope these lessons from the Megaformer created an AHA moment for you.  What have you learned on the Megaformer?  Share your insights with us on social by using the #instaphsique.



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