Paul Duncan: Cyclist, Hair Metal Fan, and Megaformer Master

Paul Duncan: Cyclist, Hair Metal Fan, and Megaformer Master

It’s not surprising that a self-described endurance athlete that loves to push himself to the limits would feel at home at InstaPhysique.  Meet Paul Duncan, a man that seems to run on adrenaline. He’s been racing bikes for years and makes his living as a project manager at a fast-paced outpatient heart specialty office.

In this interview with Paul find out how he uses InstaPhysique to work his body in new ways and relieve stress.

Tell me about your first class:

I went with my wife.  She kept promising that I would love it but I hesitated because I would rather be outside running or on my bike.  I got some big-time plantar fasciitis that made it difficult to run, so I finally said alright, I’ll go with you to class.  After the first class, I thought wow that was so extremely difficult, but I loved the focus of the instructors, the slow movements.  I feel like I was using muscles I had been ignoring.  The first class was tough!

When do you like to work out?

I actually like the evening after work.  It’s a good release for me.  It’s more cathartic.  I feel like I’m getting rid of a lot of my stress and tension from work.

What is your favorite post workout meal or snack?

A purple butter smoothie from liquidology or whatever my wife Tracy makes. 

I knew I loved Insta when:

I finally figured it out.  I finally could anticipate what moves were coming next.  The first couple of classes I was thinking “what the hell is a french twist” and I would start watching everybody.  Now, I’m not being corrected as much by the instructors.  The best thing is when I started seeing results. My core is definitely getting a lot stronger.

My happy place is:

Childs pose! (laughs) My happy place is pushing myself.  I like seeing what I’m made out of.  My happy place is getting my money’s worth out of my body.

Want to know more about this InstaSquad champ?  Follow him on Instagram @the_apostate_paul or book a sweat session at Instaphysique.




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