Maryann Curtis: Athlete for Life, Retired Beauty Executive, and Functional Fitness Devotee

Maryann Curtis: Athlete for Life, Retired Beauty Executive, and Functional Fitness Devotee

Can you adopt a new exercise regimen at 65?  Absolutely!  Maryann Curtis is living proof.  She’s not only an InstaPhysique devotee but also a walking billboard for the amazing changes you will see when you put in the work.

Maryann is the co-founder of Nova Salon Systems Inc and a new puppy owner.  When the new puppy was running circles around her, she realized it was time to find something new.  As fate would have it, a friend introduced her to Insta at just the right time.

Tell us about your first class:

The very first class kicked my butt from here to Mars.  I said, “This is a game changer.”  I was addicted immediately.  It was a struggle.  I had to sit in my car for 5 minutes before I felt like I could drive home. I knew this was the whole thing wrapped up in 40 minutes.

Front or Back Platform?

I like them both.  I’m never really sure which is harder.  I think it’s the back.  When I’m on the back more, and then I go to the front, it’s easier.  But it’s never easy.

My happy place is…

The fact that even though I’m doing Lagree, I can use my breath to help me push and give me more oxygen.  It also calms you down. 

I knew I loved Insta when…

Within the first five minutes of the first class.  It was challenging.  It was everything I knew I needed.  It showed me my weak points.  It made me realize I wasn’t doing any cardio.  I love the TEACHERS and the camaraderie of all the ladies. 

What is the first thing you did this morning?

I wake up, and I read the NY Times.  Actually, first thing is I take the puppy out.  Then I get everything squared away in the house and then I’m on the road (to Insta).  I get there early because I like to wiggle around and I have a favorite spot.  I stare at the H (on the blue wall in Roseville).

What is the most spontaneous thing you have ever done?

Talked my future husband, brother in law and sister in law into starting a business, Mamini Corporation, Nova Salon Systems, Joico hair products.  Oh, and I’ve jumped out of airplanes. 

Want to know more about this Insta Squad champ?  Follow her on Instagram @maryannmgc or book a sweat session at Instaphysique.



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