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Want to Shred the Slopes? Spend Time on the Megaformer

Want to Shred the Slopes? Spend Time on the Megaformer

Imagine a fresh powder day in Tahoe.  You wake up to over two feet of fluffy snow, strap on your skis and head up the chair lift. In awe of the surrounding beauty, you start to work your way down the first run. 

Just halfway through, your quads are on fire.  This is the epic day of your dreams, but your legs are screaming for the apres ski lounge. RIGHT NOW!!!

Our beloved instructor Jessica Poelman (@jesspoelman over on Instagram) has some advice on how to make the most out of your day on the mountain. Jessica grew up right here in Sacramento playing any sport she could.  Skiing was a part of her family life because her parents spent every weekend busing about 2,000 kids to Tahoe to teach them the sport.  She was an avid skier at only three years old and eventually joined the ski team and began racing.

InstaPhysique has improved her skiing because “I’ve been able to really learn how to listen to my body and have gotten used to recognizing that tipping point where you are on the edge of being uncomfortable and then pushing yourself to improve and get better.  I have noticed a huge change in the strength of my core and my legs allowing me to ski with more power and drive within every turn that I make down the hill.”

Are you still wondering how you can use your time on the Megaformer to improve on the snow? Well, if you are lucky enough to be in class with Jessica, every time she screams out “Mercy” you know you are working the right muscles.  “Mega Kicks, RDL, Skier, Long Jump Hold (all variations) and Runners Lunge all require an isolation hold in one leg while the other is pushing or resisting the tension. Skiing is all about arrow-dynamics…For me, one more second in a hold or a move is one more turn in a tuck that my legs are thanking me for every class that I complete.”

The good news is you don’t have to make any special modifications to class to see improvement on the slopes.  Just show up for a 40-minute sweat session 2-4 times per week and follow these tips to make the most of it. 

Book your next class today then book your ski vacation.  You might not experience the adrenaline from ski racing but “InstaPhysique is very similar to this feeling.  You have some nerves, in the beginning, waiting for your race to start, you know that you need to hold the moves as long as you possibly can to keep that speed, that tuck and maintain that arrow-dynamic stance, and after a duration you know the arched finish line is near so you give it everything that you have left to make sure you don’t have a feeling of “I could have done more.”



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