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A Leaner and Fitter Physique That Will Last

A Leaner and Fitter Physique That Will Last

Frustrated, defeated, and disappointed you walk away from yet another failed attempt to get your body bikini ready.  NOT THIS TIME! 

During the month of May, everyone who practices Lagree is invited to participate in the annual Megaformer Challenge. The challenge has participants from around the globe shaking on their Megaformers at least 2 days a week, and this year InstaPhysique teamed up with a nutritionist to add a diet component.

Meet Insta squad member Amy DuPont.  She achieved amazing results when she made the commitment.

Amy is 36 and before she stepped foot InstaPhysique she was doing everything from weightlifting to half marathons, but nothing was working to make changes to her physique.  She is an amazing cancer survivor and had gained some weight during a recent double mastectomy.  Amy was frustrated because “I just had to get this weight off.”

Her older sister introduced Insta at just the right time.  It hooked her with the intense workouts, making her use muscles she never even knew she had.  Amy was ready to go all in when the Megaformer Challenge started on May 1st.

Amy signed up with an unlimited InstaPhysique membership and followed along strictly with the meal plans.  She got herself to the studio 3-4 times per week.  “Every meal plan they created, I’ve been able to do.  That’s been really, really successful, and they have some great meals on that plan,” said Amy. 

“My sister challenged me to do it.  I’m super competitive so when I saw there was a meal plan and unlimited classes, I thought I’m going to take May to really just focus on me. Be selfish, take classes and see what results I can get out of it,” said Amy.

Anytime you test yourself it’s important to look at the lessons you walk away with. Here’s what Amy learned during her 31 days, “It’s more of a mental challenge.  When your muscles get fatigued it’s ALL mental.  You really have to get into a state of mind of just getting through the class.”  As for nutrition, it wasn’t as much of a challenge because of the variety.  Amy comments, “I would sometimes substitute a protein shake on the go instead of some of the nuts for example.”

Amy had visited InstaPhysique a few times before the challenge began.  Thinking back to her first time on the Megaformer, “I think their staff is phenomenal.  They are super welcoming and very helpful with form by making sure you are in the right position…I thought it was going to be more intimidating but the whole aura of InstaPhysique is so welcoming.  There are so many different body styles and types.”

Check out the results Amy achieved in just one short month!

  • She lost 6 inches on her waist
  • She lost 6 inches on her hips
  • She lost 2 inches around her arms
  • And she dropped 10.4 lbs

Making the commitment last month is going to pay off big time with a body that’s not only summer ready, but a body that’s functionally fit and ready to tackle all that life throws at her!  Follow along with her adventures over on Instagram or book a class at the Roseville studio and you may just cross paths.



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