Frequently Asked Questions

The workout is designed to work your body to muscle fatigue at which point you need to rest and recover.

If this is your only form of exercise, we recommend taking 3-5 classes per week (max!) to see and feel results. By attending regularly, your mind-muscle connection will be constantly fired and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll see results.

You will burn fat, increase flexibility and balance, jump-start your metabolism, strengthen your entire body and ultimately, be in the best shape of your life.

If you regularly practice another intense fitness regimen, taking our class 1-2 days per week is great.

We do offer private sessions, however our workout does not require you to start with private sessions or a beginner-level class. We believe in learning by doing – and our classes are designed to work for all levels in a personalized group setting. We are team-oriented and motivating, and our encouraging atmosphere guarantees optimal fitness results. We offer a truly judgement-free and non-intimidating environment.  Beginners may find their first class confusing, but don’t be discouraged. It takes around 5-8 classes to gain the comfort level associated with a better understanding of the workout, and we’re here to guide you through it. Your coach will give you a tour of the machine before class starts and will also discuss any potential physical limitations you might have. You’ll receive a lot of personal attention during your workout. Modifications are possible for almost every exercise, to suit your current fitness level.

If you have a current injury, are recovering from surgery, or have other medical concerns – we may recommend starting with a private session. Feel free to chat with us to discuss.

We have an easy to use software system to assist you in reserving sessions. All clients should create a User account via our website. It is the easiest, fastest and most accurate way to book classes. On the home page of the website, you can click on the “Book Classes” tab. Select a Class you would like to attend and sign up for that class. You will be asked for your Login and password. If this is your first visit, please create your account following the instructions.
Classes for the following week open for booking every Sunday at 12:00 PM.

We have small class sizes, which tend to fill up quickly; this booking window is designed to provide you the best opportunity to schedule your preferred times.

The best time to sign up for our classes is on Sunday at 12:00 PM!
If you have scheduled a class you can no longer attend, please remember to cancel it prior to 12 hours before class time to avoid the late cancellation/no-show.

To cancel a class, you must log into your account and click the MY CLASSES tab. You will find the list of your reserved classes there, and can select the “unreserve” button to cancel.

Please note that if within 12 hours of class time, the button to cancel will say “late cancel” instead of “unreserve”.
Yes, even if it’s your first time. When you reserve your space in the studio keep in mind that you have now eliminated a place on the schedule and classes fill up fast.

Due to the limited number of spaces available in each session, all group classes require a 12 hour cancellation notice and all private sessions require a 24-hour cancellation notice.

Although we know life happens and things come up, there are no exceptions to our cancellation policy. As we only have 11 spaces per class, the policy is in place to encourage members to make schedule changes in a timely manner, and to ensure there are spots available as needed.

Last minute schedule changes prevent others from having the opportunity to sign up.

It also helps to motivate you to stick to your scheduled workout.

Please cancel through your account online or through your app, and not by calling.

InstaPhysique has two types of cancellation charges, Late Cancel and No Show.

For those on Monthly Unlimited options – a Late Cancel charge of $15 will occur if you cancel within 12 hours of a class start time. A No Show charge of $20 occurs when you are signed up for a class under a monthly membership and do not attend.

Non-Monthly Unlimited Members (i.e. those on a class package) will forfeit a session for a late cancel, and will be charged a $20 fee for a no show.

Please note all class sales are final and non-refundable.

Possibly! We ask that members arrive no later than 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. If you arrive after class has started, your spot may be given to a waitlisted client. All clients attending their first class at InstaPhysique must arrive 10 minutes early for an introduction the machine.

Absolutely and we recommend doing this!

You may do so by following the booking instructions on our live schedule.

Clients on annual memberships receive Priority Waitlist as a membership perk. Clients who sign up for the waitlist are automatically enrolled into the class they are waitlisted for as enrolled customers cancel their reservations.

This happens automatically up until the 12 hour cancellation window, and the client is notified with an email.

Within 12 hours of the class, clients are not automatically enrolled as customers cancel reservations.

As class time nears, be sure to check the schedule to see if a spot has opened. Adding yourself to the waitlist is the same as booking a class.

Please remove yourself from the waitlist when the class time nears, if you can no longer attend. Putting yourself on a waitlist, uses up your class if you are on a class package.

Thus, you cannot book multiple classes in one day. The system allows 1 class booking per person, per day.

Your class is returned to your account if they do not make it into the class, or when you remove yourself for the waitlist.
They sure can!

Please note a friend or relative may not use one of your classes to take class themselves, unless we have transferred that class credit to their own account. Your guest must create an account and sign up for their class.

For liability reasons, every person who takes class must create an online account where they sign the waiver and enter their emergency contact information.

You will need to first have your guest create an online account with us, and sign the online waiver, in order to book them in a class.

From the My Classes list in your account, a gear icon displays next to each class. An “assign to guest” menu option will appear below the icon. Selecting this option, a guest assign screen will display.

You will be prompted to enter the email address of the guest you would like to invite.

If you have an active 3 month membership, you receive 1 free guest pass; if you have an active 12 month membership, you receive 4 free guest passes!

You can book your guest using one of these passes, one of your existing class credits, or by purchasing a class for them. 

The Megaformer is not a Pilates machine and we do not teach Pilates on it. While we do have a couple of things in common (both workouts are low-impact and utilize a machine), that is where the similarities end.

Our classes are athletic, fast-paced and intense, but we move with control and minimize impact on joints. Though both workouts are low impact, ours is performed at a much higher intensity with cardiovascular elements.

Think of our workout as a healthy alternative to high-impact bootcamps or HIIT training.

While we don’t have showers, we do have complimentary face wash, moisturizer, and deodorant.

Freshen up and have a great rest of your day. Congrats on completing your class!

Be proud of your hard work & the feats of strength (both physical & mental) you accomplished in the 40 minutes.

Expect a boost in your metabolism for the next 38 hours and to continue burning fat for fuel!
The best way to reach us is via email, click here.


We all start somewhere. You just gotta start.
Because our workout is so adaptable, INSTA is doable for all fitness levels.