5 Benefits of Small Group Training

Does taking the time to coordinate your fitness routine with a group exercise schedule or a small group of friends make you cringe? Our lives are hectic enough but there are good reasons why it’s worth the effort.

1. Camaraderie

There’s a special connection with your fellow workout warriors during small group training. It’s a bond you will never find when you work out alone and rare to stumble upon in large groups. You have the advantage that you get to see each other on a regular enough basis that you can share the little details of your life. Did you participate in a team sport in college or high school? Those teammates likely made up your inner circle. Recapture that team spirit.

2. One on One Attention

A few years ago I sunk a ton of money into a personal trainer to get ready for a 40th birthday celebration in Mexico. This was before InstaPhysique opened its Roseville location. Once I discovered Insta I was surprised by the one on one attention I was getting in class. The classes are small enough that the instructor was able to detect when I wasn’t performing a move correctly. Just a small adjustment and BAM that muscle was shaking.

3. Student to Teacher Ratio

If you are a parent of school-aged kiddos you are familiar with the term student to teacher ratio. The higher-performing (more desirable) schools have a lower student to teacher ratio,  leading to more individualized attention for the students. It makes sense this would concept would translate into the fitness world.

4. Accountability

When you make a date with a close friend you will likely move mountains to make it happen. In small group training, it’s obvious when you don’t make it to class. If the no-show fee, or the concern from the fitness instructor who genuinely wants to see you succeed isn’t enough …maybe avoiding the barrage of “Where were you today?” texts from your friends will get you out of bed in the morning.

5. Success

Setting and achieving goals is easier in small group fitness. You can see your progress compared to your team. It will push you harder. When you are struggling your team and instructor can encourage you and quickly point out what to change.

Have you tried small group training? Share with us your experience or go sign up for a class today.



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