BOUNCE: It’s More Than Just A Fun Way To Break A Sweat!

BOUNCE: It’s More Than Just A Fun Way To Break A Sweat!

Ever wonder why rebounding (aka InstaBounce) has been dubbed “the miracle exercise of the 21st Century”? In addition to being fun, a trampoline workout improves your health and wellness in so many powerful ways. Rebounding is unique in that it can effectively impact every cell in the body.

There are SO MANY incredible benefits to rebounding. Here, we give you an in-depth look at just 5 you will start to notice once you incorporate bounce into your fitness routine.

1. It’s Low Impact and Improves Bone Density

Working out on the rebounder is low impact on the joints, soft tissue and skeletal structure as the elastic element (and our bungee cords) absorb much of the shock. Better yet, it improves your bone density!

When NASA was looking for an exercise that allowed astronauts to recover from prolonged weightlessness (and therefore weaker bones), they found that rebounding prevented osteoporosis. And that it was 68% more effective than running as an aerobic exercise.

The NASA study previously mentioned notes that there seems to be more balance of pressure or force, known as G-force, when on the trampoline. Pressure is more evenly distributed at the ankle, back and forehead when rebounding, whereas when running, the pressure is mostly all placed on the ankles, often causing more frequent injury. Our high-quality trampolines utilize bungee cords to both create resistance and absorb much of the impact at every bounce. 

2. Strengthens Cells

When you bounce, you generate G-force against the earth’s magnetic field.  three forces come into play that strengthen and cleanse your cells at the same time: gravity, acceleration and deceleration.  Unlike other forms of exercise, you are vertically accelerating and decelerating, on the same plane as gravity. These three forces combine to squeeze out toxins from the cells at the bottom of the bounce (where your weight doubles). At the top of the bounce (weightlessness!), pressure is decreased and your lymph can flow upwards. Circulation is enhanced and the lymphatic system is pumped and cleansed. Every single cell in your body is getting squeezed, strengthened and cleansed.

3. Improves Immune System Function Due to Lymph Flow

Rebounding is a powerful detoxifier! It helps your body flush out toxins, bacteria, dead cells, and other waste products through increased lymph fluid circulation. This helps boost the immune system by providing greater white blood cell activity.  

How does this all happen? Your lymphatic system is your second circulatory system – but instead of circulating blood, it circulates lymph, which is a fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells. Not only does your lymphatic system keep you healthy by feeding your cells and attacking unwanted visitors – it also keeps you alive by getting rid of your body’s unwanted toxins and waste.

Ultimately, your lymphatic system is your defense mechanism against infection, viruses, bacteria and disease. It’s the waste-disposal system of your body. In fact, many cancers are the result of a clogged lymphatic system.

Did you know? Your body has 3 times as much lymph fluid as blood, and that lymph fluid has to circulate from the bottom of your feet all the way to the top of your head! This is where rebounding comes in…

Unlike the circulatory system that relies on the heart to consistently pump your blood, the lymphatic system relies completely on you for activation. Without adequate movement, your cells are left stewing in their own waste products and starving for nutrients. Your cells then become less efficient and sluggish as they fill with their own waste creating a breeding ground for infection and disease. When the lymph fluid enters your bloodstream, infection can now spread to any organ in the body. A multitude of viruses, bacteria and parasites stay locked within your lymphatic system without adequate movement, resulting in degenerative diseases and an increase in the rate at which you age!

Enter: Bouncing! 

The up and down motion of rebounding will activate your lymphatic system in a way that no other movement can increasing your lymph flow as much as 15 times!  As a result, rebounding is one of the most effective methods of detoxification. Pretty amazing right?

But wait, it gets better. Rebounding has been proven to be more effective for fitness and weight loss than running, jogging and cycling. It doesn’t impact your joints and you burn more calories. And you can do it in the comfort of your own home!

4. Builds Physical Strength, Muscular Development and Proprioception for Athletes

Rebounding improves physical strength and muscular development as well as proprioception, which is the ability to sense the position, location, orientation and movement of the body and its parts. 

Cornell Hospital for Special Surgery cited a study in which five healthy subjects had their proprioception measured by doing a single-leg stand with eyes closed before and after two months of training for 20 minutes, three times per week, using rebounding. The results showed that the time that the subjects could stand on a single leg increased by several seconds. This is important to athletes to help prevent injuries.

5. An Anti-Aging and Longevity Tool

Say hello to firmer skin!  When you rebound, oxygen and nutrients are more effectively carried to your skin cells, and toxins are flushed from your body as mentioned above.  Rebounding also strengthens collagen. It helps rid your body of cellulite (seriously) and will help to reduce wrinkles and tighten skin.  The noted exercise scientist James White, PhD stated, “Rebounding is the closest thing to the fountain of youth that science has found”

It is a real energy-booster, and truly a life-altering form of exercise.   

Ready to Bounce?

Our InstaBounce rebounders and at-home On-Demand classes are launching very soon!  In the meantime, you can Bounce with us in person:

Sacramento: Wednesdays at 5:30pm and Fridays at 1:00pm

Roseville: Saturdays at 10:00am, beginning August 21st!

 Book your InstaBounce class now!

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