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Community Starts With You.


As an INSTAPHYSIQUE Coach, you are a role model for every client. Coaching is a purpose for you, not just a job.

You are warm and friendly and create friendships everywhere you go. You treat everyone around you the way you treat yourself — with compassion, love and respect


You have contagious energy, and are encouraging, inspiring, genuine and motivating.


You will high-five clients, push them out of their comfort zonessweat with them , empathize with them, and motivate them in a way that helps them find what they are capable of.


You know that the Megaformer is the tool that provides the most efficient and effective workout available, and you can’t wait to share INSTAPHYSIQUE’S workout with the community.


As an INSTAPHYSIQUE Coach, you connect deeply with clients and recognize the importance of building an individualized workout experience in a small group setting.


Coaching clients is part of your self expression and your contribution to society. It’s a place where you are immersed into giving of yourself to others, and do your share to foster a stronger, healthier, and happier community.  
You take part in ongoing education because you are committed to your personal growth. You are enthusiastic about the studio and are passionate about connecting with your fellow coaches and clients.


If you align with the above and wish to be considered for our next training, we need to hear from you.  Please, fill out the form below to let us know a few things about yourself—all replies are kept confidential and the information you submit is never shared, loaned or sold to anyone.  
We’ll answer you via email with more information.  Not every respondent will be invited to partake in the training.   
There is no guarantee of an employment offer upon completion of training workshops. Upon completion of the training, attendees interested in coaching for InstaPhysique may audition to teach a mock class.

Acceptance into or completion of the training program does not guarantee employment with the company.

INSTAPHYSIQUE is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, non-disqualifying physical or mental disability, national origin, veteran status or any other basis covered by law.