INSTA Full-Body

40 minutes

This is our most popular and signature class – a complete total body workout.

In each class we encourage maximum exertion with zero periods of rest in order to promote effective muscle stimulation with no stress on the joints or spine. We combine the key components of physical fitness – strength, endurance, cardio, balance, and flexibility training in each and every exercise.

Our Megaformer class will strengthen your body, tone and elongate muscles, improve endurance, burn fat and allow you to sculpt your physique in ways traditional exercises cannot. This class will functionally strengthen your body to best prepare it for life. Be prepared to sweat and shake!

INSTA Essentials

45 minutes

Focused on essential movements, primarily on the front of the machine, this is the perfect class for anyone looking for a slower paced class with extra instructor attention.

This class includes a greater focus on form and adjustments. Brand new clients will build familiarity with our essential movements, learn modifications and gain confidence on the machine; veterans will benefit by increased intensity in future classes with the knowledge earned from extra hands-on adjustments.


45 minutes

Looking for a serious challenge?

This levels up the intensity and your strength through increased resistance, tempo changes, and longer work sets. Intended for our more experienced clients, we suggest you have a minimum of 40+ classes under your belt, as the focus is on taking your training to a whole new level while testing your endurance and perceived limits!


50 minutes

A unique beat-driven flow of warm-up cardio/strength movements and dynamic deep stretches on the Megaformer. This class will help increase mobility, flexibility and range of motion in the way your body craves. Instead of just doing a few stretches on targeted areas, we stretch the entire body … taking scientific, physiological principles and applying them to our all-inclusive routine to ensure that every client leaves the studio feeling loose, elongated, relaxed and rejuvenated. Using the Megaformer, we can get into those joints and muscles in a way that you can’t on your own.

With no wasted time, we ensure the most effective, results-driven stretch. Class includes 1on1 assisted stretching and targeted Hypervolt therapy. Think of this as a recovery class that will help prepare you for your next Insta class. Your muscles work hard for you, it’s time to treat them right!

Getting fit doesn’t have to mean more time training. Just more intensity.