Insta Client Spotlight, Karessa

How’d you find InstaPhysique?
I found Insta after I got diagnosed with an osteoid osteoma in my vertebrae. It had been causing a lot of pain and I was looking for a low impact workout to strengthen the muscles around my spine and my core without causing any more damage than was already there.
What was your impression after your first class?
My first class was a Tabata class and I absolutely loved it. It was hard and sweaty but didn’t hurt my back. Though I did ask Coach Sabrina if anyone had puked in a class before or if I would be the first (haha-but I didn’t!).
What changes have you seen since attending?
Aside from physically being more muscular, I’m a lot stronger and more controlled in my movements in class and in day-to-day life. In my last MRI my spine looks straighter and the inflammation from the osteoid osteoma is significantly reduced.
What’s your advice for anyone interested in starting out?
Really concentrate on the slow speed of the movements. You’ll get stronger in every single class and it’ll become easier to move with control.
Favorite move?
RDL-insta booty lift!!
What’s your next Insta goal?
To challenge myself by working in some of the variations for the moves I feel I have good control of.
Any other comments?
Just a big thank you to all of the coaches and this wonderful little community! I’m so happy I found you all.
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