Insta Client Spotlight, Renee

How’d you find InstaPhysique?
I was getting a facial and my aesthetician told me about INSTA.
What was your impression after your first class?
My first impression of Insta was how deceptively hard the class was.  I loved the challenge of the class and how supportive and positive the coach and rest of the class were.  
What changes have you seen since attending?
I have seen so many positive changes since I started INSTA.  My core strength has improved more than it has with any other exercise I have done.  The random muscle aches and pains that come with getting older are gone.  I have muscle definition in my arms, back, and abdominals!!!!  I could not be more happy with the results!  Not to mention this was ALL WITHOUT INJURY …2 + years completely injury free!!  
What’s your advice for anyone interested in starting out?
I would tell anyone just starting out with INSTA to stick with it and be patient while learning the moves and mastering form.  They will be SO HAPPY with the results!!
Favorite move?
Tarantula!! It feels like it strengthens (and exhausts) every muscle in my body!!
What’s your next Insta goal?
I am moving to Washington state this summer.  There is nothing like INSTA there.  So, my goal is to figure out how to continue with the INSTA workout when I move.  Open an studio myself….maybe?  All I know is that there is nothing that can replace the workout.  But more importantly, nothing that will replace the wonderful coaches and fantastic people I work out with at InstaPhysique.
Any other comments?
How thankful I am to have found InstaPhysique and to have become part of such a wonderfully supportive fitness community.
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