INSTA X – InstaPhysique’s new Stretch method

X Our new 50 minute beat-driven format, INSTA X, has your recovery, mobility and flexibility in mind. This class offers a unique flow of warm-up cardio/strength movements and dynamic deep stretches on the Megaformer…because your muscles work hard for you, we want you to treat them right! 


DYNAMIC MOVEMENT:  Increasing range of motion in the way your body craves.

TOTAL BODY:  Instead of just doing a few stretches on targeted areas, we stretch the entire body. We take scientific, physiological principles and apply them to our unique, all-inclusive routine to ensure that every client leaves the studio feeling loose, elongated and rejuvenated. RESULTS DRIVEN:   We can get into those joints and muscles in a way that you can’t on your own. With no wasted time, we ensure the most effective, results-driven stretch.


  • You will feel looser, lighter and more relaxed after just one class.  
  • Attend consistently, and you will increase mobility and flexibility, reduce pain and muscle tension, improve posture, increase blood flow and oxygen to muscles, improve digestion and increase the brain/body connection. 
  • Targeted Hypervolt therapy to help recovery of sore and stiff muscles.
  • Our instructors are hands-on, and the classes are small and intimate with each client receiving personalized attention, including 1on1 assisted stretching.
  • This class will help you relax and, along with your regular INSTA practice, will help balance you out, reshape your muscles and prevent injuries.


Are you ready to get INSTA X-Obsessed? 

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