Amy Brown | InstaPhysique

Amy Brown

Position: CEO + Founder

INSTAPHYSIQUE was born from Amy’s desire for a workout that was all the things she was looking for in one… challenging, efficient, effective, results-oriented and fun. Amy was introduced to the Lagree Method in 2006 in Los Angeles, and has been addicted ever since. She fell in love with the constantly evolving work out and experienced amazing results in a short time. After two decades in LA, she moved back to her native Sacramento in 2015 to blend her passions of fitness and business, introducing the community to this life-changing workout, and realizing her dream of creating a space that would force you to drop into the moment like nothing else and serve you the best 40 minutes of your day.

InstaPhysique is…?
An evolution in fitness thinking – a workout that has a level of intensity and challenge that forces you to look at how you communicate with yourself. It’s a community built around mindful and intense movement that is welcoming and non-judgmental …where people feel safe, empowered, energized, and know each other’s names.

Why do you love this workout?
It’s the most effective, functional, and low-impact I’ve ever found. More importantly, the physical practice of InstaPhysique never fails to shift my mind set – to make me FEEL strong and empowered in my body, my mind and in my spirit. This is my wish for everybody that walks through our doors!

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