Jessica | InstaPhysique


Position: Coach

Jessica played competitive sports her entire life – she was a competitive skier and a NCAA D1 swimmer at TCU. Nowadays, she continues her competitive drive by running marathons, Spartan races and coaching at Instaphysique. Outside of fitness and sports, Jessica is an active Realtor, and in commercial development in Midtown Sacramento!

What is your favorite mega move?
Scrambled Eggs.

What is your class like in 3 words?
Energetic, challenging & fun.

InstaPhysique is…?
FAMILY!! We challenge each other to be stronger mentally and physically everyday, and to achieve our highest dreams while also supporting each other as a unit!

Why do you love this workout?
I love this workout because every class, every move and every instructor at Instaphysique challenges you in a way that is unlike no other! You can’t find a total body workout that’s only 40 minutes long and leaves you breathless and shaking as you walk out of class. It’s a workout that I love taking AND coaching. Come join me on the MEGA!

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