Kristin R.

Position: Coach
Kristin is a grandmother of four, lover of trail runs and the outdoors, and of course InstaPhysique. By day, she is a community health program coordinator at a local health center focusing on traditional Native American herbal medicines and youth programming.
Favorite mega move:
So many to choose from! But it’s a tie between, Super Lunge, Sprinters Lunge, and Mega Hamstring Curls.
My class in 3 words:
Fun, encouraging, energetic!
InstaPhysique is:

The best workout you will find out there! You will see changes happen quickly and build functional strength to assist with activities outside the studio as well as injury prevention and even rehabilitation. Plus, we have the most amazing and supportive community! We sweat together, laugh together, and die a little together on the mega.

What do you love about this work out?

The adaptability! It can be modified for everybody.  And there is no plateau point- you just keep getting stronger. The mobility work you get along with the strength component is always fantastic!
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