Megan | InstaPhysique


Position: Lead Coach

Megan passionately refers to herself as an “enginerd”. An engineer by day, she designs the market to keep California’s energy grid running economically and reliably. Her love for science translates to her passion for InstaPhysique – want to truly understand how things work on the Megaformer? She’s your girl! She’s also a big-time animal lover and proud mama of 4 adopted pets!

What is your favorite mega move?
Split Leg Bear

What is your class like in 3 words?
Heart-pounding, booty-shaking, high-intensity fun!

InstaPhysique is…?

Why do you love this workout?
InstaPhysique is the only workout that leaves me sore and wanting more every time. Our strength classes will push you physically and mentally- there is no plateau at InstaPhysique, only a stronger and more powerful you.

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