Rosslyn K.

Position: Coach

A mom to two young daughters, a small business owner, and a graphic designer, Rosslyn discovered Lagree through a friend while living in San Francisco. Her ongoing passion for fitness compelled her to pay it forward and motivate others. She earned her Lagree level 1 certification, is a NASM certified personal trainer and loves being on the other side of the Mega to spice things up.

What is your favorite mega move?
Super Lunge with Hercules — I feel so strong!

What is your class like in 3 words?
Motivating, Challenging, Driven

InstaPhysique is…?
Where I push out of my comfort zone and grow. The thing that sets InstaPhysique apart from other gyms and fitness studios is the welcoming, supportive and amazing community here.

Why do you love this workout?
This workout keeps me present & committed. It never gets easier, but you keep getting stronger. It’s efficient, effective and the best 40 mins for your mind & body. 

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