Sarah P.

Position: Coach

Sarah grew up in Danville, CA and has adored dance and science since the age of 4.  Sarah is a full-time Lead Pharmacist, but her heart finds fulfillment in moving with others, hence why she also pursued my AFAA certification as a group fitness instructor. As Sarah says, “I got issues in my tissues so I got to move”.

What is your favorite mega move?
Spider Kicks – I feel like a contemporary dancer when I do it.

What is your class like in 3 words?
Welcoming, supportive, celebration.

InstaPhysique is…?
A phenomenal supported practice on a Megaformer. Across various spring loads of resistance the flow of movements offers challenges that test an individual’s strength, flexibility, balance, & endurance. It will push an individual’s mental & physical limits in a safe & non-intimidating environment.

Why do you love this workout?
I absolutely adore how Insta never gets easier, but we as a community we get better. It is wonderful to shake & grit my teeth on the Mega alongside such a kind and welcoming community. I have 11 lines on my abs because of this practice and could not be more excited about how my strength & endurance have grown. We are stronger together as an InstaSQUAD, for sure!

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