Position: Coach

Shanna moved to California to continue in her family’s footsteps and become a Chiropractor! She graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic West and moved to Sacramento to begin working at her Husband’s family’s clinic, Epic Chiropractic! Dr. Shanna loves empowering mommas, taking care of babies, and treating whole families.

What is your favorite mega move?
Standing Outer Thighs …we love to strengthen the pesky gluteus medius!

What is your class like in 3 words?
Energizing, educational, and a dance party!

InstaPhysique is…?
Challenging, amazing, and the best workout for a well rounded, healthy, and happy body!

Why do you love this workout?
I love InstaPhysique because it challenges your body and mind. I love that it follows the science of movement and is always evolving. The moves we do on the Mega are exercises I would give my patients as rehab. Functional movement = a functional and healthy body!

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