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Meet Cate!
Cate has been attending classes at InstaPhysique for nearly 3 years. We recently caught up with her to learn more about her Insta story …
How did you initially discover InstaPhysique?
“I initially discovered Insta by driving by the studio, looked it up online, tried it once and was HOOKED. I kept coming back because it was an ‘everything’ workout.  I love the amazing results that I can visibly see, especially with NO impact on my joints and knees.”
What’s your favorite thing about the studio?  “Even though I’ve been coming for awhile, there are times where I still mess up or need an adjustment and I love how knowledgeable and kind the coaches are. The workouts have continued to be challenging and I am never bored!
Cate also told us, “I can come to class a couple times a week and have more visible muscle tone than gyms I was going to 4-5 times each week. The best thing is that I can feel muscles I didn’t even know I had – they are fatigued for 2-3 days post-workout!”
What would you tell someone who is nervous to try Insta for the first time? “This is the most comfortable place to be a beginner… everyone is so welcoming and excited when someone new discovers how amazing this workout is! Take a risk…. its a quick learn!”
And of course we had to find out her favorite move and Cate confesses it’s Scrambled Eggs 🍳 … because it’s so challenging and she can feel it everywhere!
Cate, we’ve enjoyed watching your progress and absolutely love the energy you bring to every class! 💙
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